Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ticks and Lyme Disease Control in CT

Tick Control, Flea Control and Lyme Disease in CT.   Click on this Link for a Must Read Article on Ticks in CT  

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Changes to Lawns and Landscape in CT

A NEW LANDSCAPE:  Due to all the storm/tree damage over this past winter your landscape may have changed from shady to sunny.  On some properties many large trees had to be removed.  So what does that mean for the remaining landscape?   Well, the remaining trees, shrubs and grass in some cases have gone from dense shade to full sunlight.  This could cause some problems over the summer months with sun scorch, drought and heat stress.   

So what can be done now?  Carefully fertilize, mulch and water shrubs.  Re-Plant or add verities of shrubs which are more sun tolerant.   As for the lawn pretty much the same thing.  Adjust pH(if needed), proper fertilizers (after soil testing), watering properly and introduce new grass types which except more sunlight.  Some areas may adapt to the extra sunlight but these extra precautions will help.